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This directory presents Arts Learning artists in a clear, accessible format, in keeping with the professional level of the program and its artists. It informs Ohio's schools and communities of the wide variety of artists available for residencies, teacher training, artist-teacher collaborations, workshops and local arts programming.

Artists included in this directory have gone through a rigorous screening and interview process to qualify for participation in Arts Learning programs. They are excellent representatives of their artistic disciplines and outstanding communicators who enjoy sharing their ideas, vision and expertise about the creative process.

We hope the narratives in this directory will provide insight into the world of artists, revealing how they think, why they create and why they have chosen to devote their lives to discovery, innovation and communication.

Realizing that effective long-range arts programming requires careful preparation, we encourage local planners to go beyond the information in this directory and contact these artists to discuss ideas for local programming.

Residencies can be a "door opening" experience. We encourage local planners to increase educational opportunities that nurture and guide their communities in the further appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the arts.

This directory gives the artists who work with the OAC Arts Learning Program an opportunity to present themselves to arts educators and community members.

Search for artists based on their artistic disciplines using the menu system on the left side of the page. Each arts discipline page will present a list of artists in that category.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for this directory are not currently being accepted as the OAC revamps its website and associated online resources. A new application process is planned for 2016.

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