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Dear Constituents:

We are delighted to present the Ohio Arts Council's Guidelines 2016-2017, the agency's primary grant-making policy document. We believe the many programs and services offered by the Ohio Arts Council (OAC) can be divided into two broad categories: those focused on innovation, and those that involve investment. Our innovation activities include the resources we provide, the professional development we offer, the research we conduct, and the leadership and voice we provide for the arts. This document, however, describes our investment work.

Guidelines 2016-2017 describes the programs in which the agency will make grants--the activities, experiences, impacts, and outcomes we will invest in--during the 2016-2017 biennium. It states each program's purpose, and what types of individuals or organizations may receive support. It provides instructions on how to apply, and who to contact for assistance. It explains how each application will be evaluated, and presents a timeline from the beginning of the application process to the end of the award's management. In short, the Guidelines 2016-2017 describes how funds entrusted to the Ohio Arts Council by the Governor and Ohio Legislature are to be invested in arts and culture, and the expected returns on those investments: quality arts experiences that strengthen Ohio artistically, educationally, and culturally.

The areas in which our investments will be made will center on three areas. Organizational awards will be made in operating and project support programs, including support for culturally diverse organizations, as well as for projects that impact the creative economy. Individual artists will be supported through programs that recognize excellence, preserve cultural traditions, and offer developmental support. Arts learning programs will fund a variety of purpose-driven experiences for educators and learners of all ages.

We are proud to support these investments in arts and culture with a team of professional OAC staff members committed to providing responsive customer service. Panel and board meetings are open to the public. Program feedback from constituents and the general public is sought through our website and at staff visits conducted year-round in all corners of the state. Applications are accepted online--and the agency will soon launch a new state-of-the-art online grantmaking system that will improve usability and make the application and review process faster, easier, and more straightforward.

Over the next two years, the OAC--through its grantees--will invest millions of public dollars directly into Ohio's creative economy, fueling the organizations that drive it and igniting the imaginations of all who participate. We invite you to join us in support of this important, forward-looking, people-powered work. We encourage you to engage with us as the arts and cultural sector evolves, innovates, and continues to power Ohio's economy. And we hope you will share your stories of personal and professional transformation through the arts, and do your part to communicate the value that public support of the arts has in your community.

Investments in the arts are investments in Ohio, as the arts and culture make our great state what it is. The Ohio Arts Council's Guidelines 2016-2017 outline our plan for investing public dollars in that work over the coming biennium. Thank you for reading, and good luck in your upcoming work.

Donna S. Collins
Executive Director
Ohio Arts Council

Jeffrey A. Rich
Board Chair
Ohio Arts Council

A PDF of the complete Guidelines is available for download and print out (or click here to jump directly to this section and choose which pages to print).
Right Click the file and choose Save Target As: to download the file.
You must also read Appendix A: Legal Requirements if you plan to apply for OAC funding.