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 Alessandro Siciliani, Columbus Symphony Orchestra
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Dear Constituents:

It is our pleasure to present the Ohio Arts Council's Guidelines for the 2014-2015 biennium. Whether you are a veteran of the OAC application process or considering applying to the agency for the first time, this document should serve as your information resource as you prepare your application. The Guidelines describes each of the agency's funding programs in detail and outlines everything you need to know to develop a competitive application for OAC funding.

Applicants familiar with the 2012-2013 Guidelines will notice few major changes to this version, with the exception being our operating support program, Sustainability. Beginning this biennium, Sustainability program grants will become four-year grants rather than two-year grants. This and other recent changes to lengthen grants cycles are described in the OAC's current strategic plan, A New View. Longer grant cycles allow longtime organizational grantees to devote valuable staff time to carrying out important programming for their constituents and communities while maintaining annual reporting requirements that ensure public funds are being used appropriately and effectively.

Increased emphasis on supporting creative economic development initiatives continues in 2014-2015 via the Project Support program, now entering its third full year of funding. After supporting exciting projects designed to revitalize neighborhoods, build organizational capacity, reimagine spaces and retain top creative talent, we're excited to see what innovative ideas future applications will propose. Our commitment to supporting the development of creativity and imagination continues through our Arts Learning programs, which support a variety of quality, outcome-driven experiences for educators, artists and learners of all ages. Funding for individual artists remains another top priority, with ongoing programs that provide well-deserved recognition of exceptional work by Ohio's artists, support critical preservation of cultural heritage and traditions, and provide professional development support for artists with disabilities.

Other programs provide funding for new organizations, flexible support for activities designed to build cultural diversity, and an array of other objectives. As always, our professional staff supports each program with a focus on excellent customer service including direct coaching and advice when requested. Updated technology now makes most public panel reviews available for easy streaming online, and our online grant application system continues to save applicants time and money.

During this time of ongoing change in our state's economy, the arts continue to play a crucial role in Ohio's economic development. Supporting the creative sector remains central in our collective work to restore Ohio's economic prosperity and defines our ongoing work. With our many partners, constituents, supporters and advocates, the OAC looks forward to continuing to advance the arts and culture in the coming biennium. We would like to thank you for all that you do in support of Ohio's arts and cultural sector, and urge you to tell your story, share your work, and do your part to communicate the critical importance of public support of the arts at every opportunity.

Should you have any questions about the application process described in the Guidelines 2014-2015, do not hesitate to contact any member of the OAC staff for assistance. Thank you for reading, and good luck with your application and upcoming work.



Julie S. Henahan
Executive Director
Ohio Arts Council


Jeffrey A. Rich
Board Chair
Ohio Arts Council

Guidelines is available as a PDF for you to download and print out if you prefer to read it offline.
You must also read Appendix A: Legal Requirements and OAC Rules if you plan to apply for OAC funding.

PDF of Appendix A: Legal Requirements and OAC Rules
PDF of Appendix E: Credit and Publicity Responsibilities

PDF of Complete Guidelines
Right Click the file and choose Save Target As: to download the file.