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The OAC believes that the development of the creative mind is essential for each of us to reach our full human potential. All individuals deserve to experience and learn about the arts, test their imaginations and tap their creative spirit throughout life. Cultivating creativity for all ages through the arts has important implications, including increased literacy and academic success, an inventive and skilled workforce, improved health and well-being, enhanced social and cognitive development, and cultural understanding.

Learning in the arts is most effective as a sequential, in-depth process. Quality arts learning experiences should lead to an increased understanding of the role that the arts play in daily life, improvements in communication skills, a greater capacity for critical response, and a new appreciation of why people value the arts. The OAC strives to achieve the following outcomes through its Arts Learning programs and resources:

  • Children, youth, and/or adults demonstrate skills and deepen their knowledge and/or understanding of the arts;
  • Teachers, artists, and/or others demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to engage participants in arts learning;
  • State and local entities, along with the broader community, demonstrate a commitment to increasing access to arts learning for children, youth, or adults;
  • The nature of teaching and learning in the arts is better understood through credible research and scholarship.

The OAC has four grant categories—Artist Express, Artist in Residence, Arts Partnership and Big Yellow School Bus—as well as the Arts Learning Artist Directory that support passionate and disciplined engagement in the arts for learners of all ages. In addition, the OAC is committed to enhancing the quality of life for seniors through meaningful experiences in the arts through its Artful Aging Ohio initiative. Through the programs and services offered by the Arts Learning program, the OAC seeks to make Ohio’s schools, senior centers and community gathering places creative places where people from diverse backgrounds and cultures find expanded opportunities to learn in, through and with the arts.

The following programs are part of the Arts Learning program:

View a list of Arts Learning FAQs.

A PDF of the complete Guidelines is available for download and print out (or click here to jump directly to this section and choose which pages to print).
Right Click the file and choose Save Target As: to download the file.
You must also read Appendix A: Legal Requirements if you plan to apply for OAC funding.

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